Conference Timeline and Information


First day of conference May 15, 2024
Last day of conference May 15, 2024


Go Live (as a Current Conference) January 30, 2024
Move to Conference Archive May 31, 2024


Author registration opened January 30, 2024
Author registration closed April 21, 2024
Call for Papers posted January 30, 2024
Submissions accepted January 30, 2024
Submissions closed April 21, 2024


Reviewer registration opened November 11, 2018
Reviewer registration closed May 1, 2020


For decision-making on entering of the presented materials in the conference program, you need to register at the conference website

Abstracts of reports, meeting the requirements, will be published in the online conference proceedings.


Abstract guidelines

When submitting your abstract, please follow the guidelines below to what your abstract should include:

- introduction: an introductory statement that outlines the background and significance of the study;

- methodology: a description of the basic methodologies;

- results and discussion: a clear indication of the major findings of the study;

- conclusion.

Key information about the abstract format:

Abstracts should be 3-4 pages in word format Microsoft Word, A4 (*.doc, rtf ), Times New Roman –14pt. Line Spacing – Single, Margins – 2 cm; paragraph – 1,25 cm; spacing before and after the paragraph – 0 (zero);

- 1-st line: name and surname of the author (centred, common capitalization, bold italics, font size 12);

- next line: academic title, current position, affiliation, city, country (centred, italic, 12)

- through 1 spacing: abstract title (bold, centered, upper case, 14);

- next line: key words 3-4 (12pt);

- through 1 spacing: text;

- all the references list entries should be formatted according to requirements of the APA standard (

No conference fee is charged. The registration is free of charge.